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Hello everyone, or good evening?

I’ve been seeing many news about people who were affected by the coronavirus were blamed for it by people who haven’t got the virus. I wonder if our kindness went away when we are on the edge of crisis..

So, I want to write something about it here today. It is about how Japanese are recently, and I hope I can cheer your good action by telling how I thought about what’s happening in Japan.

【 Apologise for what? 】

Since the coronavirus has been spreading, people even famous people are affected by it in Japan. Gradually I started noticing one thing which makes me ask why..

The thing is that they tend to apologise for being affected by coronavirus. Like especially celebrities are apologising on the news and saying sorry for being careless.

Somehow some people think “being affected by the virus = being bad and careless”.

But I don’t get it, because no matter how hard you are caring about it and behaving well, you can get it. It is not about how you are careless, and it is not what people around you to blame about”. I mean, it’s not your business whether they get affected by it or not.

As the commentator on the news said that people who blame and give hate speech about people who are affected by the virus think their action is “a justice”. They think to blame and give hate speech to other people, and hurting other people are completely right because it is justice.

.. but is it?

I also tend to apologise to people very often while living in Japan. It is becoming my habit as it is easier for me to live with apologising.. isn’t it sad, right? However, I realised that I actually didn’t know what I was apologising for since I started asking myself why I apologise soooooooo much every day..

Perhaps, it is Japanese culture. Being modest by apologising and putting your status low is one way of being “a great person” in Japan.

I guess I’m the only one who feels that way, but I’m sure that many people in Japan have that stereotype.

Anyway, what I want to say is that we should think about what we are apologising for when we do. Isn’t it better to be honest to yourself than saying whatever other people want to hear? If I apologise, I want to understand what I’ve done badly and told them how I’m honestly sorry, as words are easy to deceive other people. And we know that.

I don’t want to ask people to apologise to me, because it is a very poor thing to do. At least, I think such a society full of people who blame each other is a pity and pathetic because it is wrong to be the one to order people to be how you want no matter what.

If you find someone who has done something bad, we might want to put ourselves in their shoes and think about how they feel now. Then wait until they notice what they have done.

As we know, wrong “justice” has been becoming a big problem all over the world since the coronavirus and Black lives matter.

Once again, I want to take a moment and ask myself what “justice” really is.

OK, that's it for today! In the next blog, I’ll write about my experience in America as I was planning! Sorry if you were disappointed not to be able to read about it today…

Thank you for reading until the end every time!

And thank you for your kindness.

Hope you have a good week and see you next Wednesday!