Day 9

Things I’ve never thought before

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Hello everyone, or good evening?

It’s been very busy around here and I’m bit tired both physically and mentally now.. so I’m doing house keeping and looking at the cloudy sky through the window without thinking anything today lol

In the previous blog, I wrote about people who I met at the English class. Today, I want to share about the returnees who taught us in the class.

【 The existence of returnees 】

Those people who were teaching the goddamn great high school students were the “returnees”.

We used to call them “returnee” as they had studied abroad, and they came back to teach us with their unique experience.

They taught us many important things for studying abroad, such as what you should do before leaving Japan, and things that you should remember.

They were also amazing people as they were unique and different. What they taught us was always serious, honest, and above all, there was love for students. They cared us so much that they generously wanted us to have a great year in a foreign country, because they already knew how hard it would be. Some returnees had enjoyable year, whilst there were some returnees who had painful experience in their year.

I was exited and scared at the same time as I could understand, that I’m going to join the world I’ve never experienced or seen before, from their story I heard in the class.

There are one thing I remember clearly in such lessons. That is..

“ You need to have a goal. People who have goal can definitely achieve things you have started. No matter how cruel you feel during study abroad, your goal will help you to get over it and finish the year without coming back to Japan.”

I remember I learnt that in their class. And that became my habit now. I even feel so stressed when I don’t have plan or goal now lol. However, that habit helps me many times until today. I guess I learnt good things for life.

I can’t thank enough to them, and I will always be thankful to meet them.

How about you?

Do you have a goal now?

I would love to hear it if you do.

OK, On the next blog, it is finally about America!! …

… oh wait a second, I can’t forget about “the camp” I went before starting the study abroad!

What the heck is the camp? You might think. I’ll share about it next time!

Thank you for reading till the end every time !(^人^☆

I Hope you have a good week and see you in the next blog!