Day 8

Once in a life time

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Hello everyone, or good evening?

I’ve been creating one work per day to practice water colouring! I’m also updating the drawing on my instagram, facebook, and twitter, so feel free to comment, criticise, or whatever to my work!

In the previous blog, I wrote about the English class I used to go before the study abroad. Today, I would like to write about people who I met there.

【Strong-willed and awesome high school students】

Since I started having lessons at the class, I started thinking seriously about myself and people around. I was so sure that I became able to think deeper ( in a good way) than before. However, I was also feeling so behind than they are if I don’t think well, as people around me in the class were much much smarter than I am. So, I started writing a lot about myself and other things relates to my life as well as English vocabularies on my notebooks.

Those people who went to the class together were mostly from big cities,

And they were smart, always up-to-date, and even their point of view was so clear and strong that how they speak was telling me how awesome they are. They were very friendly as they don’t hesitate to talk to me who was the only one from rural.

Anyway, they were merely great people.

There were even people who were younger than I am. As the matter of fact, they even seemed so mature than me.

I’ve met wonderful people who has beautiful and unique characteristics. And I was so honoured to be friend with them even though I was kinda weirdo at that time ( maybe I am still now as well..).

I was so happy to be with them and talk to them.

I felt alive.

Because I realised that there are people who can understand how I feel in the world. At the same time, I was so excited that I could sympathise how they feel.

Today, I believe there is a reason for me to encounter them in my life.

Maybe, for sure that there is a reason to it.

I strongly believe that meeting those awesome and beautiful people gives you one reason why you live every day. Even to those who suffer now, feel sad, are enjoying, or are too busy.

Because, I think I’m here because of them.

What do you think?

What would you think about encountering people?

On the next blog, I’m going to write about “Returnee” who gives students includes me a massive impact to our life. Who are Returnee? I know you have a question mark on your head now. I will introduce about them on the next blog so that you can find out who they are!

Thank you for reading till the end every time !(^人^☆

I Hope you have a good week and see you in the next blog!