Day 7

EF English Conversation Class ~Preparation to study abroad~


Hello everyone, or good evening?

It’s been a rainy season in Japan and I can see many beautiful hydrangeas everywhere. I’m sometimes distracted by them while driving as they are so beautiful… But safety first.. I want to make time to enjoy watching them at the weekend ♪

Speaking of the previous blog, I’ve started writing about the preparation for study abroad. Today, I would like to write about the experience in the class called “EF English conversation class”. It was such an extraordinary time and, what I learned from the class was a lifetime experience.

【New encounter, an impact】

After entering high school, I decided which company I was going with to study abroad. The company was called “EF Education First”. They were offering classes called “EF English Conversation Class” which had been held on Saturday every week in the Shibuya office, Tokyo.

I didn’t know anything about study abroad itself, overseas, and The U.S.. I thought it was good for me to have the classes as a preparation, and as a mental preparation as well.

I thought it was just an English lesson but it wasn’t. While having the classes, I realised they support more than just English.

In the lesson, they mainly teach me…


·Mental support

·Case study

·Setting a goal for study abroad, and preparation for it to achieve

I had those lessons which I couldn’t have in a normal English class.

Teachers are all ambassadors who had experience on study abroad. That is why they could share what happened in there study abroad life, and what kind of preparation would be good for each student to have a better life in a foreign country. I was misunderstanding that study abroad is just to improve English and experiencing life in a foreign country.. I realised it’s actually more than that.

At the same time, I was surprised that people like my brother is also here. Like those who think well about their life seriously, and having a strong opinion.

That’s also why I wanted to go to Tokyo every week to have the lessons, no matter how much I asked for it to my parents.

Today, I’m still very thankful for my family and ambassadors for what they gave me.

Right! That’s it for today’s blog.

On the next blog, I’m going to share about those special people who I’ve met at the class.

Thank you for reading till the end !(^人^☆

I Hope you have a good week and see you in the next blog!