Day 62

Not alone

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Hello everyone, or good evening?

In these few months, I’ve been very busy dealing with many things, and I didn’t have enough time to organise stuff in my head…, and I couldn’t keep writing blogs those few months. I still feel a bit noisy inside my head, but I feel like I want to write something today as Waterloo by ABBA made me feel like it lol

I would like to recall the very first day of London life when I was in the first year of UAL.

I honestly can’t believe it’s already been 7 years since then…

【 My first day of city life 】

I think it was September when I went back to the UK after returning to Japan from Oxford. As I recall, most of the university in the UK starts in October. I arrived in London a few days before starting school.

On the day I was leaving Japan (again), my parents came to the airport to see me off. It’s uncontrollably sad every time, and I know I cannot get used to it forever…, but this time was different. I felt a bit excited because I knew there would be my friends from Oxford and acquaintances in the UK.

Before leaving Japan, I was looking for a place to live in London. There were some options like the residence in my uni, but they were all too expensive to afford. However, I was very lucky that my acquaintance offered me to share a flat. Even though it was a bit far from my college, I was happy to live in a place where someone I know is living with me. So, I decided to go for it, and most of all, I knew where to go when I arrived in the UK.

I arrived at Heathrow airport, and I headed to the Wapping station which was the nearest station to my flat. I remember clearly that my acquaintance came to pick me up, and she guided me to the flat kindly.

And what’s more, I also vividly remember that I needed to lift my 40kg suitcase on the stairs as there wasn’t any lift or escalator at the station… I somehow thought “this is the city life I’d never experienced before…”. It’s just me being weird I guess…

Anyway, It was already midnight when I arrive at my flat…( As I recall..)

So I remember that I didn’t greet my flatmates, and went to bed right away.

The first day of London life was so quick but vividly remembered.

I knew it was different from Oxford life as I felt at ease this time. It’s because of the existence of my Japanese acquaintance, the fact that I had where to live, and also there were some friends from Oxford who were also studying in London.

Because I was never alone there.

Once I left my hometown, all the “normal” became not normal.

And it was the day that made me realise that all the “normal” existed because of my family, friends, and all the people who supported me.

Also, it was the day I realised how small I was in this world. ( not my height I meant.. more like how insignificant I was…if that makes sense…)

I didn’t even know at that time, that I would have been surrounded by this feeling for the whole two years of London life...

Ok! That’s it for today! I will try writing about how my uni life went, and what I learned through these experiences in London. There were some unexpected happiness and massive fall as I recall now… so I will write them out before I forget them!

Thank you for reading my blog until the end!

See you next week and have a great weekend (^D^)/~♪