Day 61

Be the one

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Hello everyone, or good evening?

Hay fever is getting stronger and stronger, and I’m trying to deal with it every single day… at the same time, I also try to see cherry blossoms as much as possible while I’m in Japan because I’m not sure when I can see them next time in Japan.

In this blog, I would like to write about what I’ve been thinking in my mind. I wanted to keep those thoughts in this blog. And I hope you find it interesting.

【 Be the one 】

War doesn’t stop as long as the dictator holds his stubborn greed.

The cruel Japanese society makes people stop caring about other people, and says “I don’t have fucking time to think about what happening far away from where I am!”.

In the U.S, people find physical violence worse than verbal violence. I see the bright shiny world with irrational aspects, which they ignore the invisible mental damage.

But really, joke and insult aren’t the same.

Human beings are supposed to justify its action, whether right or wrong.

And more, we tend to decide whether it is good or bad just by looking at one side of the story.

I do those, and you do too.

That’s why I want to grow up.

I want to try looking at another side of the story before I judge.

We want to empathize before we get irritated, get angry, sacrifice many lives, and hurt others.

However, the question I need to keep in mind for life is that…

“How do we know the real justice when we live in a world where we don’t even know what’s right?”

Thank you for reading my blog until the end!

See you in the next blog and have a great weekend (^D^)/~♪