Day 59

Returning back to Japan temporarily


Hello everyone, or good evening?

January has already finished, and now it is coming to the end of February already! What have I been doing?! I feel like I lost some time…

I feel bad that I couldn’t write a blog for a while... as some of you are always looking forward to reading my blog. But, no excuse to myself...

Ok, I will write about my life when I came back to Japan for three months before starting University in London. I guess looking back at that time will give me some motivation and something to learn!

【 At the middle of… 】

While I was in Japan, I remember I met as many people as I could. I was always the one who goes to see my friends, not waiting for them to come to see me. Maybe because I live middle of the countryside and people don’t live near. And most of my friends were living in Tokyo at that time... If I wanted to see them, I needed to be the one to go see them.

It wasn’t hard for me to visit them even though it always took about two hours by train. However, I felt so bad for my parents to pay for my transport and food as I didn’t earn by myself at that time.

I remember that “Thank you” and “Sorry” were in my head all the time on the train to Tokyo.

I also remember that was partying all the time and eating and drinking a lot. Me, at 21 years old... why not enjoy life while I can? Maybe that was the only thing I was thinking at that time.

Life in Oxford and life in Japan were mixed up and it made me confused that I lost common sense a bit. Lol (maybe not “lol”) I now am embarrassed by being so partying.

Before I go to Oxford, I was an overthinker (if that’s even a word lol). But I was totally opposite to that after I finished one year in Oxford. I had forgotten how to think. Even I tried, I couldn’t as my brain was refusing to work properly…

Now, I still try to be in the middle of “Too much thinking” and “Not thinking at all”. I try to focus my mind and imagine myself in the middle of them, but it fails most of the time.

I sometimes feel closed, but there are people, who listen to my thought and problems, around me.

Because of them, I realised that “Being as you are” is the key to accepting myself.

We shouldn’t change ourselves for what we are expected and required from society.

OK! That’s it for today!

In the next blog, I’ll try to recall my memory of the start of my university in London!

Thank you for reading my blog until the end!

See you next week and have a great weekend (^D^)/~♪