Day 3

A poem I found today

I was supposed to write about what I was going to write on the prevous blog, I just found something I would like to share with you. So I will introduce that today.

Today, I found the encyclopedia I used to use when I was in a primary school. There is this poem on the first page of the book. This poem is very mesmerising. I thought what is saying in the poem will bring people include me to an action, and we would empathise strongly to it.
Here is the poem..


It might be difficult to read as its hand written.. It says,


Love by Shuntaro Tanigawa

Love, it's easy to say.
Love, it's not difficult to write it either.
Love, everyone knows the feeling.
Love, being in love so much as you get sad.
Love, it's what you want to be by their side.
Love, it's how you hope for them to live forever.

Love, it's not to forget the further past.

Love, it's believing the future you can't see.

Love, it's to think again and again.

Love, it is to live no matter what it costs.


What I like about this poem is "it's believing the future you can't see." and "it's to think again and again."
It is essential to concentrate on the present, but I believe that hoping something in the future will motivate you, and the goal you have will eventually come true.

How did you feel about this poem?
What did you imagine?

I'm considering to make comment space on my blog.. but I need to discuss with a person who made this website possible.

Right, I'm sure I will write what I was going to write from the previous blog!
See you on the next blog, and hope you have a nice week.