Day 2

A big content with a big goal

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Hi everyone, how have you been?

It maybe seems a bit insane asking how are you to someone who I can't even see.. However, I would like to write about one big content for those who kindly visited my blog again.

It might not be that big content for you, but it is important for me to share with you.

So please let me talk about it today.

In the last blog, I wrote about "the purpose of this blog and goal", but I didn't talk much about "my big goal". That is the content I would like to share with you today.

【My big fat goal in my life】

Most of people have their own goal to achieve. There isn't "big or small" for a goal, but I guess those goals are whether for other people or for yourself, aren't they? At leat my goal is for someone else and myself.

"My goal is to make people kind, and to create kindness in the society."

This is my goal and dream I have been having for more than 10 years.

There might be people who think it's useless and impossible, but it is very hard for me to think that way. I always have been hoping for humans to be kind or kinder than usual. It is common to say that "the society is not that easy and not kind to listen to your word", but I want to make the society kind so that people starts listening.

No matter how severe the society is, we shouldn't entrap each other, and we shouldn't hurt each other, I think.

What do you think?

At this moment, I don't know from where to start as I have so many things to learn and experience to achieve this goal.. but I am going to start with looking at myself and making actions via creating art work.

So that was my big fat goal for the future which I wanted to share with you!

You might think why I suddenly came up with such a goal. So, I will share " the reason why I got this goal" from the next blog! It will be about my past experience to now.

I hope you are interested about it!

OK, see you next week, and have a good rest of the week!