Day 1

200125_7_アートボード 1.png

Hi, I am Yumeka. 

This is the first blog I'm writing! In this blog, I am going to write about my thought and feeling about things around me. I want to record myself in this occasion. 

The reason why I started this kind of thing now, is beause of those two reasons below.

・I have a big goal to achieve. To achieve that, writing this blog and sharing my goal will motivate myself.

・I want to leave the proof of my life. 

It could be a bit personal, but I wish someone is reading this and have some thought about what I wrote. 

And "the big goal" must be what you also wish in this world. I will write about the goal later on. I try my best to keep updating till the goal is achieved, because I hope there is someone out there reading my blog. And hopefully she or he will think something good. 

Okay, that's it today! see you on the next blog!