Day 18

Power of words


Hello everyone, or good evening?

Recently, it’s been chilly and nice autumn weather, and I’m enjoying it! How has your life been?

Today, I would like to write about the experience that made me decide to be an artist while studying abroad in the U.S.

【 Finding my strength 】

While I was studying abroad, I couldn’t enjoy club activities. On the other hand, I started feeling the joy of creating artwork since I started putting effort into the art.

Meanwhile, I had a great experience that happened to me in the art class, which made me realise that studying abroad was meaningful to me.

It was in the art class in the third semester.

I realised that people around me started recognising my existence.

It wasn’t because I was a foreigner in the class, but they were looking at my art works.

Every time I create something, they started gathering around my desk and look at my work then said “wow.. that’s sick. I love it!”.

I was so nervous about them talking to me, but also I was so pleased to hear them.

I couldn’t hold my tears at the beginning.

Maybe because it was in English, I felt like their words were honest without any lies and irony.

Some of them were so passionate about talking about my work and explain why they love my work.

In Japan, the way of telling something to someone is different.

We often don’t tell people what they think straight away. We tend to choose words, the conversation is always psychological negotiation. At least I’ve been feeling so...

So, I wasn’t used to hearing such straight and genuine compliments from people.

I was genuinely happy about it, and I could be confident in myself.

It was the moment when I felt that art can move people’s minds.

Since then, I’ve been thinking that what I can do is drawing, and I want to influence people around with my drawing.

I learned the depth of drawing in my university later, but this experience was the trigger of my art life.

When is the situation that you realised what you really want to do?

Ok! That’s it for today! It’s not all for the important thing I found, so I would like to write the rest of it in the next blog!

Thank you for reading until the end every time!

Hope you have a good week and see you next Wednesday!