Day 17


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Hello everyone, or good evening?

It’s been already the 17th post of my blog! There isn’t any special occasion, but I just thought it’s very unusual for me to keep doing something so long. Which is great!

Today, In this blog, I will write about what the important thing I found during the study abroad in the U.S. I experienced a very special situation which made me who I am now.

【 Finding my strength 】

Experiencing the big earthquake, everything about high school life had changed, and three days in a week of school life had begun.

School life wasn’t what I was imagined at all, but I tried some American experiences such as basketball and swimming, as my host family suggested me to try the club activity.

However, I felt something weird and not satisfied trying those sports.

I wasn’t enjoying from bottom of my heart… because I wasn’t good at playing basketball which I had never tried before, and I couldn’t be 1st or 2nd in the competition of the swimming which I had experienced before. I felt both were up in the air.

Whereas, I had one more thing I was putting effort to. Which was “Art”. In American high school, you can choose the subject you like to learn. I chose “Art” and “Fashion marketing” because I was interested in those.

The class was very interesting. I learned not only designing clothes but also branding. I even had the fashion show in the school and wore what I designed which wasn’t great…lol

Anyhow, I got to know how interesting branding is, and now I have a goal to establish my brand.

At the same time, the “Art” class was very inspiring for me. I found something very important in the Art class.

In the lesson, I tried not only just drawing but also mosaic art and stained-glass, which I had never tried before. I didn’t even know such methods. It was all fresh and inspiring that I realised that illustration is not only drawing!

I couldn’t wait for the new projects because it was always so much fun for me to work on art projects.

I felt “free” in Art for the first time. In Japan, I had used to hear “what it should be” when it comes to something that relates to Art. However, in this art class, I felt free in expressing myself. I could step away from all the words I had heard in Japan, and I now can think “I want to draw how I want” when I draw.

Ok! That’s it for today! It’s not all for the important thing I found, so I would like to write the rest of it in the next blog!

Thank you for reading until the end every time!

Hope you have a good week and see you next Wednesday!