Day 16

Depends on me


Hello everyone, or good evening?

So typhoon is attacking Japan, and it means summer is finally ending. Thank god this crazy hotness is over soon.. I started working out since it gets a bit cooler in the afternoon as well. How have you been doing recently?

In this blog, I will write about my extraordinary high school life which I guess none of my study abroad friends had experienced.

【 Big incident 】

It’s been about a month since I started school. It was a fine day with the bright sunshine and the blue sky.

I was in an American history class. Then it happened.

Virginia state experienced a magnitude 8 of an earthquake that would happen once in a hundred years. It was on the Japanese news too. I could get in touch with my parent even contacting my family was banned by the rule of EF (study abroad associates).

The school building was shaking so big that it made a crack on the wall and water was dripping from the ceiling.

Everyone was screaming with a horrified face, even our teacher was. I thought it was really bad as I had experienced the 311 Took earthquake a year ago. It was the same feeling that something bad will happen. I went under the desk and waited till its finished.

My history teacher screamed “ Get outside right now! Quickly!”. Everyone was running to get out of the room, and I followed them.

The building was completely damaged, that no one was able to go inside.

That’s it.

My high school life in this building was over.

Some students were having a panic attack as it was the first time for them to experience the earthquake. I could understand how they feel because I even feel so scared every time there is an earthquake in Japan.

Some people talked to me saying like “ it’s the first time for ‘us’ to experience an earthquake!!” and “You brought an earthquake to Virginia!”. It was the first time that I felt people noticing me actually. I felt like I and they got a bit closer than before.

After the earthquake, the school was closed for two weeks.

Then the school restarted by sharing the middle school building with middle schoolers.

The high schooler started going to school for three days a week.

After all, they made temporary prefabrication next to the high school parking area.

Now, talking about this stuff is a kind of funny story, but it wasn’t that funny at that time. I tended to feel down and blaming around for such a miserable experience.

Many things didn’t go as I expected while in the U.S, and I was blaming the environment and people around for what I couldn’t get, as I couldn’t look at myself objectively.

However now, I know that “everything depends on me”.

When things go wrong or something distracts the way, how to control and adjust the situation is on me, myself. I am trying not to expect or blame too much on people by gaining my skill of adjustment to the environment. That’s I guess the way to grow up and be an adult...

Ok, that’s it for today! I don’t usually talk about this stuff openly, but I guess it was a good opportunity for me to write them down here to look back on what happened.

On the net blog, I will write about something that I found while new school life, which is connected to who am I now.

Thank you for reading until the end every time!

Hope you have a good week and see you next Wednesday!