Day 56

A room for...

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Hello everyone, or good evening?

This year is coming to the end, and I started looking back about what happened this year. It makes me realise how thankful to those I’ve met. Also, I feel so grateful to those who supported my artwork. I’m already planning what to do for the next year! Hopefully few more solo exhibitions before leaving Japan.

OK! I would like to recall and write about life in Oxford after I finished all the processes of University entry.

【 Not alone 】

Since I had come to the UK, I’ve met many people who had different kinds of backgrounds. Among them, I became a close friend with a few people at the school. I remember sitting on the red couch, watching Youtube for many hours, talking over the problem each one had, enjoying gossips, and eating meals in the cafeteria together…

Because we were spending time together almost every single day, I guess.. we became like a family that support each other’s life and mental.

I assume not only I wasn’t bothered where each one of us came from, because it wasn’t more important than who we were.

I also remember that I felt I got a hole in my heart when they were going back home.

I guess it wasn’t sad. It was more like missing something.

As I was the last one leaving Oxford, I was always the one who see them off.

Coming to the end, I was eating by myself in the canteen, and some boys were making fun of me. It was annoying, so I remember, in the last month, I was eating out often, sometimes with my best friend.

I didn’t even go sightseeing in the city or outside the city… I think I finally could enjoy Oxford city when I came back there once I started studying in London.

When I was in language school, I was always nervous and anxious about my future, and also annoyed by the relationships. That is probably why I couldn’t enjoy anything by myself. I remember that I was enjoying meeting with my best friend but that was it. Nothing else was fun.

Recalling that time of memory, I fully realise how grateful to have people around me and share the joy. On the other hand, I also thought it is an important skill to chill and go somewhere by myself and enjoy the places and my own time.

OK! That’s it for today!

In the next blog, I will write about the time after I came back to my home.

Thank you for reading my blog until the end!

See you next week and have a great weekend (^D^)/~♪