Day 48


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Hello everyone, or good evening?

Finally, we officially have the rainy season in Japan. As we have thunderstorms almost every day... I’ve been feeling a bit down because of the sound of thunder... Have you ever felt it as the sky is being angry with you? Lol, probably it’s only me feeling that way...

Anyway! I would like to write about “the difficulty in a project without brief” which I experienced in the art class in college.

【 Freedom I didn’t know 】

The most difficult task/project I faced in the art class was “independent project” which doesn’t have a brief but you need to decide your project.

It is “free”.

So I was required to think about everything by myself and create work independently.

It was the first time for me to work on such a project.. so I had no clue where to begin and what I’m supposed to do.

I guess I was the only one who didn’t know what to do as everyone else was so excited to work on their project and they seemed to know what to do right away.

Whereas, I was lost completely.

A teacher wouldn’t help me, and my friend is not supposed to teach me from step 0.

I remember that I was so in rush and irritated about myself as I needed to do something first at least. ( Not sure if I was the only one who didn’t know anything at all..)

However, It was similar to what I felt when I was in the U.S.

That is how I tried to make good use of the experience of the U.S.

Imitating what other classmates were doing,

Researching for “the process in creating” in library and on the internet…

And of course, talking over to some friends was very helpful to me. I can’t thank you enough for that...

Recalling that experience now, I can tell you that the project made me realise that I was lack of the elemental process of creating.

I feel that the realisation is the reason why I can now create artworks independently.

A Heart

▲One of my artworks in the art class

Ok! That’s it for today!

In the next blog, I will write about what was my last project and how I worked on the project as that work was the main reason how I got offers from universities.

Thank you for reading my blog until the end!

See you next week and have a great weekend (^D^)/~♪