Day 32


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Hello everyone, or good evening?

How have you been recently? I recently feel how immature I am, but also there are many opportunities to learn new things. And I am very pleased to be able to learn and improve. Even though I have so many things that I don’t know yet, I would live to absorb important things and grow up!

Ok! In this blog, I would like to write about how I decided on the university I would love to go to.

【 Excitement 】

Once I clarify what I want to do in the future, there was a period that I started thinking of which university I would go to.

I visited some art universities in Japan, and all of them were very bright and amazing.

However, I was also feeling that I wish I can learn Art overseas while I was visiting those universities. I guess because I had full of experience in the U.S, which was excited and tough, but those were kicking out my mind... Although, I was sure that I needed the real exciting experience for creativity in art.

Whereas, I had sort of decided which country I would go to for university since I was in middle school. It was the United Kingdom. But I had no idea which university to go, or what kind of university there are in the U.K. I had no idea that which subject I want to take either, to be honest…

So I researched as much as possible.

Then finally, I found one university which was the UAL ( The University of the Art London).

It is considered to be one of the four top art universities in the world. I noticed that people from all over the world gather in this university and improve their skills and creativity together.

I want to go to this university.

I will go there.

I made my mind at heart.

OK! That’s it for today!

In the next blog, I would like to write about the day of leaving Japan and going to the U.K.

Thank you for reading till the end always. I recently hear comments on my blogs and I am very appreciative of that. I know that I am not good at writing.. but I will keep continuing being honest when writing and trying to give something even small to everyone to effect a better and kinder society.

Well, I hope to see you next week! And have a great weekend (^0^/*.。*