Mushin Cafe Logo

Mushin Cafe Logo

This is the logo for the fresh startup cafe "Mushin Cafe" in Saitama.

【The shop's concept 】

 You can forget the clock hands and become mindless when you are in Mushin Cafe.

I made this logo by reflecting this concept.

The silhouette of the logo is a clock without hands.

I mainly designed the letters of "Mushin" (無針).

To make it easier to tell it is a cafe,

I put some  icons such as; folk and coffee beans with steam.

They are considered from what Mushin cafe offer in the shop.

Additionally, I drew the letter "Shin"(針) as it is curled and bended

to associate the concept which is "forget the clock hands...".

I made the clock adn letters by hand drawing,

and scanned them to edit and organise the design in Photoshop and Illustrator.