「」展 exhibition Main visual

「」展 main visual

Sponsored by Tsukushi team

Curated, main visual illustration by YUMEKA SAITO

I had an opportunity to curate an exhibition in Nagoya.

The name of the show was 「 」展 kakko-ten,

which means there is no title for this show.

The title could be whatever you imagine.

I also wrote blog and made some illustrations for the blog,

and I designed this main visual for a poster image.

What is draiwng/painting?

Why to we go to the museum to enjoy paintings?

Is there any ways to enjoy paintings?

Those are the main questions,

and I curated this show to think about those bit more deeply.

As an installation, we put small tables in front of each art works.

It was for audience to look at one work and enjoy bit longer then usual.

On the table, I put a note and a pen

to allow audience to write whatever they thought and felt.

Both participants (talented artists) and audiences commented that

this show was a fresh new idea and enjoyable. 

I leant how difficult to express what I really want to tell,

and I realised how amazing what Art can do to us and to our life.

I am very sorry that my blog is only in Japanese..

but you might enjoy the drawing in the blog!

Here is the blog ↓ check it out :)

「」展 blog